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Plans and Information about Scarborough North Bay Zip Wire

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The opening of a zip wire in Scarborough in 2024 is an exciting prospect for thrill-seekers and adventurers and all these who enjoy experiences. At 680 metres the zip wire will be one of the longest in England and will feature four wires offering spectacular views of the coast.

The venture is sure to bring a new level of outdoor adventure to the area. It will also attract tourists and locals alike to the town, boosting the economy and providing an additional source of income.

The launch of the zip wire will be a great opportunity to promote Scarborough as an outdoor destination, and it is sure to be a popular attraction. Run by Yorkshire based Big Bang Promotions under the ZipnZap brand it will provide a great new experience and an unforgettable memory for visitors and residents alike.

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Site Location

The site is located in two areas in the North Bay of Scarborough with the four wires connecting the two. North bay already contains multiple leisure attractions with four in close proximity, the 6500-seater Open Air Theatre, North Bay Miniature Railway, Alpamere Water Park and SEA LIFE Scarborough. The topography and various plateaus make this area ideal for a zip wire, with the starting height of the launch tower different to the landing location it allows for a longer wire than what would have been possible had the towers been sited on the same level.

Launch Area

The proposed launch site of the zip wire is known as Scarborough heights in the Scarborough North Bay Master Plan report, and was formally known as Mr Marvel’s Amusement Park. The launch area is within a site that encompasses 1.83 hectares of land and is situated on high ground with certain parts of the now overgrown site offering panoramic views out over the North Bay. The Marvel’s site has mostly been cleared but some of the original infrastructure remains including the former chairlift stanchions and stations. Having been vacant for over a decade the site is becoming overgrown and reclaimed by nature. The site was previously accessed by a chair lift from a hut just off Burniston Road, this is also next to the entrance to the Open-Air Theatre and Tourist information point. Full planning permission was granted on the site in 2013 for holiday lodges but none of this development progressed forward. The ground conditions are currently concrete and rubble with natural regeneration growth.

 Landing Area

The proposed landing area of the site is just south of Scalby Mills light railway station and adjacent to the promenade on a raised grass area.  The ground conditions of the landing area consist of both rough and mown grassland.

Benefits of the Zip Wire

The organisers experience of operating zip wires around the UK means there will be substantial benefits to the operation of the zip wire.


It is expected that the most people will come in either pairs or as part of a group, a Zip Wire is not an attraction that is normally done alone, it is an experience that you generally want to share with someone. The Zip Line is suitable for almost everyone but from surveys done by other operators namely City Zip Company London and Zip World in Wales, most customers are couples, friends, and families. ‍ In terms of customer segmentation Zip World found the following:

  • 35–54-year-olds are the main bookers of Zip Wire Activities
  • In terms of participants 51% are families.
  • 74% of visitors stayed at least one night
  • 63% visited as part of a longer stay to North Wales.
  • Most of the bookers to Zip World are married/living with a partner, with a slight female bias 

Local Business Partnerships

It is the applicant’s intention to create partnerships that will take into account local business needs especially with regards to food, drink and accommodation, this in turn will support economic growth and productivity for existing businesses in Scarborough. Our booking software already allows for the cross selling of tickets by other attractions and combined multi attraction tickets means that tourism businesses in Scarborough’s north bay and the wider area could benefit from a joined-up approach utilising this platform.


The applicant has worked with many charities over the years and although charity bookings are a revenue driver and sales channel for the zip wire, donations to charities and local community groups in the form of free tickets will be issued. This gives local groups and those not always fortunate enough to participate in these types of activities the chance to have some fun and respite.

School & College Groups

The applicant already has experience of running zip wire workshops for schools with its Zip Wire in the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham. In addition the applicant also runs an educational experience called STEM Kart, using Electric Go Karts it provide hands on learning for secondary School pupils across the UK, teams of pupils work together to understand the importance of STEM and the impact it has.

The zip wire provides the perfect activity in which to expand our mission with STEM kart, which is to enthuse and inspire young people into pursuing careers in STEM. The applicant will work with local school groups and colleges to utilise the zip wire to provide hands on learning which can engage young people in their education allowing them to learn and have fun in a stimulating environment.

Economic Benefits

It is already widely reported on the economic impact zip wires can have on the local economy. Zip World in North Wales has led the way on this and as of 2018 Zip Worlds impact on the North Wales economy was valued at being worth £250million. Although this zip wire will not be of the same scale as Zip World it will be a significant attraction being one of the longest zip wires in England. The zip wire will attract visitors into Scarborough and there will be an increase in spending in local area for local businesses, especially food, drink venues and accommodation providers.


The zip wire will employ between to 40 – 50 staff with around 15-20 staff present on site during any single operational hour depending on the season and day of the week. The structure of this is likely to be 10 x Full time positions and the remaining part time positions.

The applicant will make best efforts to employ members of staff locally from Scarborough and surrounding towns and active liaison will be undertaken with the Council to ensure that suitable measures are undertaken to support this process. However, it will also initially be necessary to employ members of staff from further afield for certain positions, such as instructors, given the necessary levels of staff training required for health and safety purposes.

The applicant expects to target a wide demo-graph of candidates due to the varied range of positions available; ranging from permanent full-time and part time roles; to seasonal roles with fluctuating hours. Most of the roles available do not require any qualification and a comprehensive training and induction program will be provided to give the employees the skills, expertise and confidence to do the role(s).

Promotion of the Local Area

The zip wire will undoubtedly raise awareness of the local area and people will travel to Scarborough to do the zip wire that may otherwise not visit. It is anticipated there will be extensive media interest with the zip wire and that it will generate local, national and international coverage.

Safety & Security

Big Bang Promotions will manage the operation to ensure that the highest standards of health, safety and welfare are achieved for all workers, participants, and site visitors. This will include ensuring public safety, prevention of public nuisance, protection of the environment and maintaining the daily operation and functionality of the site.

Both the proposed launch and landing tower will be enclosed by security hoarding, they will also be enclosed by a cage at ground level and a lockable access gate to the stair entrance/exit point. Furthermore, the structures will be enclosed utilising a heavy-duty mesh sheeting, which is suitable to prevent climbing of the structures by non-authorised members of the public.

The towers and measures above are also part of the wider launch and landing areas, including the toilets, reception and safety area which will also be enclosed utilising a mixture of wooden security hording and PED fencing; thereby navigating both users and the general public through or around the operational areas.

CCTV will be in place at both the landing and launch towers. All areas and instructors will have access to a radio communications system, and managers will also have mobile phones.

In addition to the standard safety checks, the launch tower will also be fitted with a wind detector. Should wind speeds exceed a safe threshold, the event organisers will close the event and evacuate the site. Only when speeds decrease below the safety threshold for a period of 15 minutes shall the event re-open. Any visitors which have their rides effected by such safety concerns, will either be reimbursed or have their time re-organised.

The ride will also be closed during instances of lightning and regular weather checks will be undertaken by on-site staff to ensure the ride is evacuated prior to instances of lightning taking place. The 30/30 rule will be used by staff, which states, “if the flash to bang time is 30 seconds, or less, then find shelter. Stay there until 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder”.  Again, the zip wire will only re-open when the weather has returned to a suitable climate and 30 minutes after the last occurrence.

In terms of operational safety, the applicant already has extensive experience in running zip wires nationwide and abroad. The Event Management Plan, Risk Assessments and Methods Statements will detail the daily safety checks that will be undertaken to ensure the safety and functionality of the towers and the zip line. All safety checks will be undertaken by suitably qualified personnel and covered by the necessary insurances.

An Event Management Plan has been prepared for the proposals and, as a living document, will continue to be updated during progression through the planning process and the undertaking of the operation itself.

Indeed, the operation has already been discussed with, and is being supported by, Scarborough Council and the operation of the zip line will ensure compliance with all requirements detailed by all departments of the Council and in accordance with HSE legislation.

Emergency Services

The site is fully accessible to the emergency services, with the launch and landing areas having emergency vehicle access. A range of emergency procedures are contained within the Event Management Plan and discussions are ongoing with the various emergency service providers in the local area.

Loose articles

During pre-application discussions, concerns were raised in relation to loose articles potentially falling from participants, although the route does not cross the highway, it will pass over pedestrian walkways, the edge of light railway and the adventure golf.

Ensuring that no objects or belongings fall from any staff or participants is of paramount importance for the safety of staff, customers and the public. This has been achieved at other locations the applicant runs, in particular its bungee jump activities, where falling items are of far greater risk of being dislodged due to the nature of the activity, therefore the processes are tried and tested and strictly enforced. The procedures to ensure that there are no falling objects include measures such as the following:

  • A pre-arrival warning / check in process
  • Laced up shoes and no jewellery;
  • Pockets must be empty;
  • Free lockers are to be provided;
  • Personal protective equipment will be provided (including storage bags for small personal belongings which are securely attached)
  • Multiple checks by multiple staff at different stages of the experience process including, registration, harnessing, safety briefing, tower climb, instructor dispatch area)
On Wire Rescue

In the unlikely but not impossible event that a participant needs rescuing from a wire, rescue procedures and plans will be outlined in the operations and training manuals. The applicant has extensive experience in putting staff onto wires and simulating rescues. All instructors will undergo regular training in how to perform a rescue should it be needed. We would positively engage with the local emergency services in how we are prepared to deal with this eventuality. In previous locality’s where the applicant has run zip wires, joint training sessions with emergency services have been discussed and the applicant would be open to this in Scarborough should there be a request

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  • 18 May 2023
    BY Jon snape

    I think this will be amazing

  • 30 October 2023
    BY Paul spenceley

    This would be an UNBELIEVABLE Asset for eConomical Growth and prosperity For The whole Community Of Scarborough
    PArticularly bearing in mind the POTENTIAL Dimise of AlPamra
    PotentiaLly it could alSo compliment the transpoRtation of people coming and leaving the open air theatre i wish Them every success with there aMbitIoUs and EXCITING New Plans for a zip wire in scarbOrough its marvelous to see some new vision and enterpRiseing idears To Raise Scarborough’s Profile on the map as a desireable place to vitit and stay

  • 30 October 2023
    BY Andrew Marshall

    It will bring a breath of fresh air to the town,it will support the towns economy and will bring employment to the area.
    This town needs as much injection to promote it,as we have nothing here sadly. Over time we have LOST Theatres, children’s play areas,a zoo,a theme park and 4 swimming pools,to name a few. So this latest phase will only attract a positive vibe to the town for all to enjoy. Good luck🙏

  • 31 October 2023
    BY Rebecca Gott

    I fully suport new fun attractions in this area

  • 31 October 2023
    BY john Senior

    a great idea good luck!!

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