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Managing Director
Brief info

I have worked in adventure activities and experiences my whole professional life, it started whilst working on the event crew at the UK Bungee Club while studying at University, I'm still involved 20 plus years later.

In that time there have been some great experiences, I have Bungee Jumped a formula one car for BBC's Top Gear in various locations around the world including Red Square Moscow and processed 100,000’s of customers through 1000's of events and experiences.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family wife Amanda and two sons William and Alistair. I enjoy helping out on the family farm I grew up on, having spent my youth driving tractors as a contractor on farms around Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire it’s still the best way for me to unwind. Im also a big sports fan especially if it involves anything with wheels, road cycling, mountain biking and motorsport. other than its a love of the outdoors and adventure that keeps me happy.


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